About Me

After a successful Air Force career I accepted a position at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. I’m the sole author/developer/programmer of major information management software, with worldwide installed base and managed a mission critical, sensitive network. So I have a strong background in computer technology and networking. I hold a number of Certificates and Certifications, to include teaching application development and a host software titles. I resigned my position at the Pentagon and moved to Chatsworth, GA so we could raise our then newborn son in a more relaxed southern atmosphere.

All of this has absolutely nothing to do with photography and nothing to do with Senior Pictures. So why even mention it? Well, it just puts things into perspective so you know how I think. I believe in God, Family and Country, in that order. I know it’s not politically correct to say that but it is who I am. Plus, I’m the happiest guy around.

Yes, I studied Photography while attending college, my major was not art and the photography was just to fill some Gen-Ed hours. Plus I thought it would be fun. Well it was fun, but it was a lot of work and took a lot of time. Spent countless hours in the darkroom developing film (no digital) not to mention shooting for a portfolio. It was about that time that everything I thought I knew about photography, came crashing down. Just say I learned a lot, that I thought I knew already.

My senior sessions are light, fun and relaxed. I try to capture every bit of your personality. I had a senior (who’s senior pictures I did) tell me, as she was looking through some senior sessions with her friends.